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Lot Evaluation Meeting - Just read more page as it is - Dreamworks Construction
Sun, Jul 05, 2020 20:12
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Lot Evaluation Meeting

Whether building on your property or ours, a plat of the property including topographical data is very important to the design team's conceptual planning. Site surveys are performed to determine whether a proposed location is suitable under current conditions.
We also look at the shape and topography of the home site, or lot, to
maximize views, account for slope, soil conditions, maximize prevailing
, and apply energy efficiency through good design.
Preliminary design work may include site visits to measure and document existing conditions at your property, research of building code and zoning laws, research of the covenants & restrictions in your neighborhood, discussions with local government agencies and consultations with construction subcontractors to evaluate the project's feasibility.
With this information, and the ideas and concepts from the Project Vision Meeting, we are prepared to design a preliminary sketch that attempts to address all of the desired elements of the new home.